Data Export with Filters


Data Export with Filters

Can we give the users to choose from a list of combinations for a view, while providing them with an option to export the view from a dashboard.




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Re: Data Export with Filters

Not directly

If there are specific different views that you want the users to use, then you can set up different export buttons using the different views

Otherwise, you could set up a generic filter (and export) using parameters that are driven by the users

I hope that helps


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Re: Data Export with Filters

Filtering Entries During Import or Export


You can customize your snapshot by filtering entries during the import or export of a region or a cache.

For example, use filters to limit the export of data to a certain date range. If you set up a filter on the import or export of a cache, the filter is applied to every single region in the cache.

The following example filters snapshot data by even numbered keys.

File mySnapshot = ...
Region<Integer, MyObject> region = ...

SnapshotFilter<Integer, MyObject> even = new SnapshotFilter<Integer, MyObject>() {
  public boolean accept(Entry<Integer, MyObject> entry) {
    return entry.getKey() % 2 == 0;

RegionSnapshotService<Integer, MyObject> snapsrv = region.getSnapshotService();
SnapshotOptions<Integer, MyObject> options = snapsrv.createOptions().setFilter(even);

// only save cache entries with an even key, SnapshotFormat.GEMFIRE, options);

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