Data entry on mobile in the New UX

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Data entry on mobile in the New UX


I've created a Board specifically for mobile users. Users will select the time period by inputting a start and end date into a grid. They will also choose the location they want to review using a page selector, and the information on the rest of the page will be updated.

When using the mobile app, you can't seem to enter data into a grid. Are users not allowed to edit data on mobile?


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I have not experimented much with mobile yet, but according to the release notes mobile users should at a minimum be able to input data via checkbox.  Perhaps you could add a boolean to the page in question and see if this is editable.

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Hi, @EHarris  data entry isn't currently possible on the mobile app. 


as @EmilyS mentioned you could try and achieve this through Booleans, however, we currently create a second app for mobile dashboards as there are a few other tweaks required to make the dashboards as good as they can be on mobile. You can now duplicate an App in the New UX which removes most of the grunt work from this process and new just make the small tweaks required to layout/functionality to set the dashboard up for mobile.  


@EHarris like @AWhitworth I have also found that creating a separate app is nice not just to enable you to make the page "flow"and render properly for mobile (cards render left to right, top to bottom within each section that you can "drop" a card into) , but it also creates a path for users to ONLY see pages that have been made mobile friendly.