Decimal control for multi currency

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Decimal control for multi currency

Gurus, In some line item, currency will be different and depends on company to be selected. For example, if subsidiary is Japanese company, currency will be JPY which is no decimal point, And if subsidiary is US companym currency will be USD with 2 decimal points. So, how these are managed in Anaplan? In case of ERP, decimal points will be changed by system automatically by currency code. Yoshi

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RE: Decimal control for multi currency

Hi Yoshi, In Anaplan decimal formatting is the same for all cells for a same line item. I think there is no sensible solution for that. Only tweak I can think of is to play around with formulas (round-function etc.) and the number of significant digits in formatting. But(!) I would never suggest you to use this kind of solution. It would only make your formulas too complex and also your numbers would be affected, not only how they are shown... Br, Jaakko
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Re: Decimal control for multi currency

Can this be something considered for future roadmap?  Number formatting based on currency?