Exporting CSV from Anaplan, incorrect date displays in Excel

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Exporting CSV from Anaplan, incorrect date displays in Excel

When exporting information into Excel by month it brings the dates through as text, ex  “Jan 18” = January 2018 and in Excel appears as “Jan 18” . Conversely when we export CSV files the “Jan 18” is converted to a date format with the wrong year “Jan 18” in Anaplan but = 1/18/19 in the CSV file. Is there a solution for this? (January 2019, will export from Jan 19 to 1/19/19 fyi)




When data is exported to a CSV file from Anaplan, dates are actually being exported.  If these are not showing properly, I would look into your regional settings on your computer.


I found this on google for a Mac:  https://resrequest.helpspot.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=277


I found this on google for Windows: https://www.google.com/search?ei=XHdTXJjyOo7ktQWOlrX4Bg&q=excel+regional+settings+windows+10&oq=exce...


Hope this helps and let us know if you are still having this issue.



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You can create an export/import process within Anaplan. Ideally we always want to plan within Anaplan but I have created export/import process. The date format changes when we export to csv. 


  • Export
    • File Type: CSV
    • Layout: Grid
    • Omit Summary
    • Include Empty
    • Action Name: Export [What you want to export] template
    • Process Name: EXPORT: [What you want to export] template
  • Import
    • Action Name: Import [What you want to import]
    • Process Name: IMPORT: [What you want to import] 
    • Time: Periods Y-M

FYI, you'll probably get a date error when you set up the action. However, once you run the process end to end the data loads with no errors. This is pretty finicky and you may experience some errors.