Importing a csv file - Question


Importing a csv file - Question

Hello Anaplan experts!


I am very new to Anaplan and am going through the courses to get my Level 1 certification. I am sure this is a vey silly question, but figured I would ask rather than keep spinning my wheels. I have a csv that is attached. I need to Import this file into a Geo Hierarchy, but am having trouble mapping it correctly. What is defined in the Geo Hierarch is: Region (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific) and Countries (US, CAN, MX, BR, etc). After selecting the file to Import, I am not defining the levels correctly. Sometimes my brain gets stuck in a loop and I just circle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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So, so glad you're using the Community Board!!

Make sure you map the following:

  • Location (G3 Location) is the "text" value of the location
  • Parent (will be the country)
  • Code (this is a unique identifier of the location)

Should look like this:


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Re: Importing a csv file - Question

hi @tlemond 

so the csv is for loading locations data, which is a child of countries list in the geo hierarchy, you need to create a list Locations which is a child of the countries list, then you load it in that list

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Hey @tlemond 

I second @JaredDolich, the community is a great resource and you should use it.


I get a lot of questions from Anaplan learners about import and I really think we need to explain it better.


Now, are you loading the CSV file attached to a module or to a list?

The import process differs slightly between the 2. I am happy to explain both but let's take care of the issue at hand first.

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Re: Importing a csv file - Question

Thank you!


I was importing to a list, and was able to get it done correctly!


Appreciate the help!