JRE 6 and Anaplan Connect

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JRE 6 and Anaplan Connect

We're using Java Runtime Environment 6 (JRE 6) on a computer for Anaplan Connect and it recently stopped working. What should we do? Would upgrading to 7 fix the problem?

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RE: JRE 6 and Anaplan Connect

Great question, Amanda! Yes, we have recently stopped supporting JRE 6. A majority of our customers are now using JRE 7 or 8, and both versions will work for Ananplan Connect or other Anaplan APIs. [list=1]
  • If Anaplan Connect no longer works, we would like you to upgrade to JRE 8. Need instructions? There are some available on Anapedia and here is the download detail from Oracle.
  • If you have JRE 7, it will continue to work. However, Oracle has stopped making updates and security patches available publicly (i.e., unless you have purchased a Java support package), we strongly encourage you to upgrade to JRE 8. If you have any additional questions regarding this change, please let us know. Thanks!