L2 Sprint1 Set up import from Source Model


L2 Sprint1 Set up import from Source Model

I was hoping to confirm if I created 3 new lists; G1 Region; G2 Country; G3 Location in the right area. They show up as Subsets. 


Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 3.00.43 PM.png

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Hi @mhinnes ,


This is fine, they are 3 separate lists, the __ part is a best practice to create dummy lists as segregation of different types of lists, you can reorder the list in general list section, __ subset is used to incidate section of line item subsets to be used , it is a blank list

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When you click insert to add a new list it is going to be relative to where you are currently selected. 


In the below example, I am clicked on the "Subset" placeholder list in the general lists.  

In the bottom right there are 4 options about where we insert these new lists. 

Before: Before the currently selected list

After: After the currently selected list

Start: At the very top of the lists

End: As the very end of the lists




Once you have created the lists, then you can also re-order them if you placed them in the incorrect order when they were being created: 


Click the "Reorder" button and them move lists up or down accordingly: