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Lists - duplicate childs for each list members


I'm working on a financial forecast model where sales is presented through 18 markets (Countries) to the 5 Products. So for example:

* Product 1

         - Country 1


         - Country 18

* Product 2

         - Country 1


         - Country 18

* etc.


I have made several lists with: Total Company (L1) -> Products (L2) -> Markets (L3).

Is it possible to make this hierarchy in the lists, where the (18) countries are the same, for each of the 5 products?


If not, what is the best practice to work around this problem and to be able to store the data on a Country/Market level for each product?

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Re: Lists - duplicate childs for each list members


If all 18 markets are applicable to all Products, it would be better to have Markets as a separate dimension and not part of the hierarchy, so I would create a "flat" Markets list without any parents

Now, if only certain markets "belong" to each product, then you can use the numbered list concept to create a "Markets" under each product as appropriate.  You can then map those back to the flat list of Markets if needed


More information on Numbered lists can be found here:




I hope this helps