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Mapping issue



I have one Account flat list which has code for every accounts. there is one more flat list account items which is related to items within the accounts. So one account can be related to many account items list. there is one list which consist of items  levels (1-5 numbers). so now i want to have values of account based on sum of account items related to accounts and each level numbers. like if level are 1,2,3, 3 for account items a1, b1, c1, d1., account code is 1500 for all the items. it should sum accounts based on account code and the respective levels


How will i be able to get the value. Please help me with the solution.






Re: Mapping issue

Hi, Could you please elaborate this issue with sample files or screenshots?

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Re: Mapping issue

In your source module, where you have the data, you need to create a mapping line item formatted as List Account. You make a formula to map it based on the numbering of the account item.

You can then SUM the values by that line item in your target module which has Account as a list.

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Re: Mapping issue

Hi @Pankhuri 


Is levels list a property of account items list or levels is a separate list and present as List formatted line item in account item module.

In that case , if you to aggregate level values by account, you need to find account name using finditem, and create a number formatted line item and convert levels number which is list formatted to a number format using value(name(levels)), then aggregate based on account in the target module