Migrate Anaplan connect from to Anaplan connect 1.4.

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Migrate Anaplan connect from to Anaplan connect 1.4.


I would like to migrate to Anaplan connect using CA certificate.

In version there is one jar file only.

I used command to execute jar file:

java -jar "anaplan-connect-1-3-3-3.jar" -...commands


In version 1.4. there are two files:

when I execute file anaplan-connect-1.4.1.jar

java -jar "anaplan-connect-1.4.1.jar"

there is error message: "no main manifest attribute, in anaplan-connect-1.4.1.jar"

when I execute file anaplan-connect-1.4.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar

java -jar "anaplan-connect-1.4.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar"

there is error message: Error: Could not find or load main class com.anaplan.client


I have latest Java 8 Update 201.


Could you help me?

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It does indeed look like the jar manifest is incorrect in 1.4. You'll have to work around it by specifying the class directly:


java -classpath anaplan-connect-1.4.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.anaplan.client.Program ...


This is what the AnaplanClient.* launch scripts do.

Note that if you require additional libraries (eg a JDBC driver) then they must be included in the classpath too. On Windows classpath components are separated by semicolons, whereas on other platforms use colons.

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Thanks Ben,

I moved forward.

I have another ERROR: Server files not found: Server-Files not found for Model-ID=...


I use CA certificate now, the same email as before. 

Error message:

9m]←[0;39m ←[35m2188←[0;39m |--   Initializing Service...
←[32mINFO ←[0;39m ←[33m[bstractAuthenticator:←[36m46   ←[0;3
9m]←[0;39m ←[35m2188←[0;39m |--   Authenticating via Certificate...
←[1;31mERROR←[0;39m ←[33m[c.a.client.Program  :←[36m592  ←[0
;39m]←[0;39m ←[35m2188←[0;39m |--   Server files not found: Server-Files not fou
nd for Model-ID=Mymodel (Feign: status 404 reading AnaplanAPI#getServerFiles(
String,String,int); content:
  "status": {
    "code": 404,
    "message": "Resource not found"