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Missed the Anaplan Live!: Anaplan Helps Q&A?

Anaplan Live Spotlight Logo-03-03.jpgDid you miss our first Anaplan Live! Spotlight event? The recording of the live discussion is posted here!

In the live event, our presenters discussed all things Anaplan Helps! Watch the video to learn how the program is helping support customers during this challenging time and hear from MAs about the applications they created during our recent Hackathon. If you have questions, post them in the comments below the video! 

Spotlight presenters include: 

Pierre Kerkinni, Director of Anaplan on Anaplan, Anaplan (@pierre_kerkinni)

Sarah Roberts, Management Analyst, City of Tallahassee (@SRoberts)

Camille Maurice, Manager Data & Analytics, MeltOne Advisory (@cmaurice)

Joe McLoughlin, Consultant, Platform Specialists (@jmcloughlin)

Diana Xu, Sales Operations Consultant, Equifax (@daian


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Re: Missed the Anaplan Live!: Anaplan Helps Q&A?

Great job everyone!

Thank you @YelenaKibasova@pierre_kerkinni, @SRoberts, cmaurice, @jmcloughlin, @daian

Really enjoyed the session and am very grateful for the time you invested to prepare for and present your applications. Thank you!!

Jared Dolich
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Re: Missed the Anaplan Live!: Anaplan Helps Q&A?

@Jared Dolich  It was great to hear out these amazing anaplanners