Multiple models in a single Page

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Multiple models in a single Page



How we can add multiple models in a single page?


I have a scenario where I need to analyze data from different models in a single page.




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Hi @CommunityMember126473!


Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity right now.

Your page is always linked to one model and contains data from it.

You can create two pages or switch the source model for a page (if they have identical structures).

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Hi @CommunityMember126473 

Currently you can't do it directly. You will have to setup an integration and load data from one model to another one. Even if you simply need to publish two tables from two models next to each other.


Another option is two equal pages, but with different model sources. You can teach your users to open two tabs in browser and put them next to each other so they both present on the screen as a one single dashboard.


There are various Ideas were raised regarding this case:

Enable cards from multiple models within the new UX appby @Durnferd 

Pull data from multiple models into one report in New UXby @L0068407 

Ability for Board or Worksheet to listen to multiple workspace models  by @kirandas 

You can kudo them to show your interest to developers.



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