Organizing filters

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Organizing filters

I would like to be able to create filters that I can hide from the main page after I set them.


This will maximize the real estate on the pages to show data.



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Hey @shan1 

If you want the data in your dashboard to be pre-filtered, then you can set the filter while customizing the grid. This way you can ensure that the data shown in the grid is already filtered and the filter conditions will not be present in the main page.

Let me know, if this was not what you were asking.


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Thank you for the quick response.


When a user is on a page, they set filters and then work on the main data cards.  Then they change the file (like the dates), and then work on the main data card again.  etc....


This happens on many other pages as well.


So, having the filters on the page for work, is needed, but then we lose real estate to view the other cards that have data.


But you gave me an idea:  Have a dedicated page just for filtering.  Let me play with this.


Ideally, I would like to have a filter bar that comes up and then disappears.


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@shan1 It would help to have a screenshot of your current layout. There are different strategies for filtering, and seeing your current configuration would help guide on an overall solution.


If you have the filters built into your model, you might also consider using a Worksheet, and publishing the filters to the Additional Insights panel, which users can show/hide as needed.