Page Selectors for Large Lists

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Page Selectors for Large Lists

Hey everyone,


I have not been using page selectors being published from a list very long, so I am trying to figure out the best way to work around what I am seeing.


If a list is too large, I have noticed that the option for the +/- dropdowns go away in the selector. How has everyone been working around this?



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Re: Page Selectors for Large Lists


If you really must have such a large list, I really like @kavinkumar approach to filtering the selector using another selector.


You might try that idea or use a list subset, or filter from a system module, to narrow down the relevant list items for your selector.


Anyway, just a couple of ideas.


Jared Dolich
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Re: Page Selectors for Large Lists

It is unlikely that all users will require access to all the items in the list. Therefore, I would also suggest that you use filters to limit the view.
If access is required then you can set up a series of filter booleans or list formatted line items to systematically allow the user to narrow down their selection.