Tip - Publishing Model Documentation on a Dashboard

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Tip - Publishing Model Documentation on a Dashboard

Hi guys,


I would like to share with you a rather simple trick that will facilitate Anaplan users’ access to documentation within the model, contributing to increase the user satisfaction and early-adoption of the tool.

Functionalities such the tooltips, text instructions, Line items with messages or conditional formatting help to improve the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the dashboards, but I also believe that publishing the model's documentation on a dashboard within the model itself would come in very handy for the end users (specially those who are new to Anaplan or the model) since they do not have to look for documentation anywhere else thanks to this.

This is how it looks:


To get there just follow these easy steps:

  1. Just save each page of your documentation as a picture. For this purpose, power point works perfectly.save picture.JPG


  2. Host the pictures in the cloud. OneDrive is a safe and reliable place for the purpose (more details at the end of the post)
  3. Create a module with Users, a list named “Pages” and a Link-formatted line itemmodule.jpg


  4. Enter the link to the pictures of your documentation hosted in the cloud in the cells o the module
  5. Publish the line item as an image on a dashboardpublish picture.jpg


  6. Publish the list “Pages” as page selector
  7. Since the module is dimensioned by user by page, it allows to enter different links and therefore different documentation per user, so documentation displayed on the dashboard will be aligned with users’ roles.



Appendix: cloud hosting pictures.

Anaplan only works with direct link to pictures, and sometimes is hard to obtain these direct links from some cloud hosts. The easiest way that I have tried to host picts online that can be used in Anaplan are:

I hope you guys find this tip useful to increase the user adoption of your models and please feel free to share your thoughts.






PS: cover photo Photo by Russ Ward on Unsplash

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Thanks for sharing @AlejandroGomez, nice way of embedding the model documentation/instructions into the model!

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Great @AlejandroGomez, thank you for sharing!