Using No data line item to enter comments (Admin)

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Using No data line item to enter comments (Admin)

Hi, a short tip ad trick to document the blueprint. I use No Data Line items, hidden in dashboard, to define distinct /homogenous chapter / parts in the blueprint. No Data line item are supposed to be No data, and they are, BUT you can nevertheless enter a formula in them.  I use this feature to enter a text formula which describes what is the purpose / requirement / need / target of the line items which are in the chapter / part that is below. It's a kind of internal documentaiton. Note : 1°) make sure to inform the customer's Admin of this habit, he may wonder why No data items have formulas. 2°) not sure whether this wil be allowed for ever by Anaplan. Thus this habit MUST NOT be used for model documentation. It is NOT a legacy way to document blueprint and business rule, ot's a quick and convenient habit which you can find usefull. Kind regards. Michel.  

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Re: Using No data line item to enter comments (Admin)

I still do this from time to time.  Another great tool that's come out since your post is the ability to add notes to modules within Settings -> Modules and then you'll see a comment for notes!


Re: Using No data line item to enter comments (Admin)

Hi Michel,

Just want to add, there is also a "Notes" column to the far right when you are in the blueprint.

We can use this to make any comment as a reminder or explanation regarding the line item.


For the Line Item with No Data Type, we can also use this to make a section or segment separation

to make our module is more readable to other.



Revenue Section -> No data

Revenue 1

Revenue 2

Revenue 3


Expense Section -> No data

Expense 1

Expense 2

Expense 3


Summary Section -> No data

Summary 1

Summary 2