Which filter will have most optimized result?


Which filter will have most optimized result?

Hi @MarkWarren and Anaplan Experts,


Is there performance impact on filtering in below scenarios (assuming its a complicated filtering logic)?

Question1:The Boolean Filter line item is a subsidiary view in a module. If this is applied does it work slower than say a Filter line item which I move to different module to remove subsidiary view? 


Question 2: If I apply the filter directly on an App page-Grid Card Vs I create a saved view apply this filter and publish on the Grid Card?


Your wisdom and guidance on the filtering is appreciated.  I have gone through article on Filter Best Practice - Anaplan Community  glad to know about any more key learnings.





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Good questions!


Re (1), I don't believe there is a performance impact. However, there are also other reasons to avoid subsidiary views (see Planual Rule 2.01-06 for more info).


Re (2), if the the views are otherwise identical, I don't believe there is any performance difference between a saved view and a custom view.


I agree with Ryan here, not seen any difference, especially with the UX.

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To optimize Filter transformations, use simple integer or true/false expressions in the filter condition. The Filter transformation filters data within a mapping. The Filter transformation filters rows from any type of source. The customized data object filters rows from relational sources.

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