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  • We have listed below some of the best practices we recommend for the Anaplan product. These are based on our experience and are subject to change as we deliver new functionalities and learn more about how our customers use the product.
  • If you would like to contribute or comment, please contribute to this forum post.
  • You do not have to apply these best practices and we will still support you if you don’t follow them, these are recommendations and there are times when it makes sense to do things in a different way.
  • We have highlighted in red the very important best practices.

About This Article

We focus on how you can better govern the Office add-ins (Excel and PowerPoint) in your company, especially about versions and file management, as well as installation and upgrade.

Best Practices


Version control

At the moment, customers do not have access to information about who uses an add-in in their company and which version they are on.

We are looking to address this in the future.


Version coexistence

You should aim at only having one version of the add-in installed at the same time. This is because most versions cannot coexist. Having 2 versions installed at the same time will result in issues (missing functionalities, impossible to use the add-in…)

The only exceptions are:

  • Excel add-in 2.6 can coexist with other versions. This is particularly useful if you have to migrate your workbooks from 2.6

  • PowerPoint add-in 1.4 can coexist with other versions. This is not useful because there is no migration required when you open slides created in 1.4 in later versions of the add-in.


Version compatibility

The Office add-ins do not handle file compatibility.

A file created in a version will work in any subsequent version, for instance, a file created in 3.2 will work on 3.3 onwards.

The opposite is not true: a file created in 3.3 will not work in 3.2.

As a result, when you upgrade to a new version, we recommend you take a copy of the file beforehand and refresh this copy.

We are looking to address this in the future.


Should you upgrade?

Unless you are using a version that is going to be deprecated, you are not forced to upgrade to the new version. Check the release notes to make an informed decision about whether your company will benefit from the new features.


Upgrade process

Due to the version incompatibility described above, it is better for every user in the company to upgrade at the same time.

If you are a workspace administrator or a Centre of Excellence lead, you can test the version in advance as soon as it gets released. Once you are happy with it, tell your users to upgrade and explain to them how to do this.


Upgrade notification

When a new version becomes available, a pop-up notification is triggered automatically to all users of the add-in when they open Excel or PowerPoint (depending on which add-in they are using). We recommend you send a note to your users proactively to tell them to not upgrade if you do not want to.

This functionality is going to be reviewed in the future.


Subscribe to product releases

We publish on a monthly basis a blog post in the release section of Community, which indicated what has been released the previous month and what is coming in the future months (for all Anaplan products, this is not add-in specific).

We are giving advance notice about future releases, in particular about changes to the pre-requisites and system requirements. We recommend you subscribe to this area, to receive an email notification when a new post is added.


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