You've Earned It: New and Improved Community Badges are Here

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As an engaged member of the Anaplan Community, you deserve to be rewarded and recognized. After all, you help make the Community flourish. Badges are a visual representation of your dedication and commitment to making the Community a valuable resource to Anaplanners everywhere. Be proud—you’ve earned it! To show our appreciation, we have updated our current badges and are bringing you new and exciting ways to earn more!

Have we piqued your interest? Here’s what’s coming your way.

First, we have redesigned our current badges to give them a fresh, new look. Keep up the excellent work by posting, commenting, replying, and giving kudos—and watch new badges roll in on a regular basis!

Next, if you are a Group Leader, we have created an icon that will display to the right of your name, to show off your commendable leader status. If you are a Group Member, we have a whole new badge for you— coming your way in just a few short weeks.  

Lastly, we want to recognize members for their longevity within the Community. We are introducing Anniversary badges for one, three, five, and ten years. If you've been a member of Community for one year or more, you may have already received one or more of the new anniversary badges, as they are retroactive. Congratulations! Can you believe we will be giving over 20,000 one-year anniversary badges? Over 5,000 will receive a three-year, and over 500 will receive a five-year anniversary badge. Who will be the first to receive the coveted ten-year badge?

But wait … there’s more! These badges are just for the month of July. We will have new badges coming your way every month. Next month, we will have Academy badges and even more in the following months, so be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out for all the new badges.  

Where do you find all of those hard-earned badges? Great question!

  1. Log into the Anaplan Community.
  2. Click on your avatar, in the upper-right corner of Community.
  3. Click My profile.
  4. Under your Community activity, you'll see all of the badges (highlighted) you've earned.
    1. To view all of the Anaplan Community badges available, click the > all the way to the right of the line of badges within your profile.
    2. Badges that have not been earned will be grayed out.

Join the fun and become a Community member by registering here and start seeing your badges appear throughout your journey.

Do you have a great idea for a badge? Let’s hear it! Post your ideas or feedback about the badges below.