1.03-02 Performance and size can be dependent on the Users list


When Users list is heavily used, the number of users added can have a significant impact, be mindful of this and remove model access from any Workspace users when not required



  • @rob_marshall What do you define as "Heavily Used"? Is there a # of users that you had in mind, or just the less users the less performance impact so remove as many as you can?

  • @DaneClemow

    Good call out on the "Heavily Used" piece…basically, the number of modules the Users list is used in (5 modules, 10 modules, 15 modules, etc) because using the User list creates a ton of cells as well as calculations. Well, if you are keeping your Users list "clean" (deleting users no longer using the model), then that is good…However, if you are not keeping up with your Users List maintenance, then you could have calculations being kicked off that will never be used because the users aren't accessing the model. Essentially, just be careful when using the Users List.

    Also, what some people think about doing is creating a "custom" Users list (basically a regular list with Selective Access on it) in order to subset the number of users using certain module functionality. Again, fewer users equals fewer calculations. Next month (teaser alert), this should not be a problem as subsetting on the Users List will be available. As soon as this feature comes out, I will have a document and video explaining how it works.

  • Thanks for the explanation @rob_marshall.

  • MJM


    32 days later - looking forward to this new feature to subset users list!

  • @MJM

    Not sure I understand the 32 days piece, but here is the functionality I mentioned earlier.

  • MJM
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    @rob_marshall I meant 32 days after you announced the feature was arriving "next month". Thanks for sharing link to the new functionality!