Center of Excellence Charter

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The charter template and general information guide are cornerstones to standing up the CoE team. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners, and Asslam Umar Ali, CoE Leader @ Fortescue Metal Group(@Asslam).

Hundreds of customers have established an Anaplan Center of Excellence as it is fundamental in ensuring a solid foundation to enable true Connected Planning, as well as maximizing investment in the Anaplan platform.

Though every CoE is unique, we realized that all our customers followed very similar paths regardless of their industry, size, location, and Anaplan footprint. The maturity curve of a CoE can be simplified into 9 critical developmental stages:

A Center of Excellence Charter Template is available to help guide you on your CoE journey. This template outlines all 9 developmental stages your CoE should follow as it looks to further develops and matures along its way.

Screenshots of the Template

This charter will provide details of your Anaplan CoE’s mission and established processes that are best suited for your company. Please leverage this template to document your CoE’s current state and share with us the details so we can provide personalized support and share any lessons learned with the broader community.

Please submit your CoE Charter to COE Program ( for feedback and additional guidance.

Download CoE Charter Template below: