London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)

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London based Anaplan modellers forum (with food, drinks and expertise included!)

Dear fellow Anaplanners, I was thinking of setting up a regular Anaplan modellers forum to be held after work and was keen to hear your opinions and ideas.

The initial concept would be to have an informal monthly meet up (possibly 6-8pm), where us modellers could network, share knowledge, work through real-world Anaplan problems with a technical expert and discuss ideas for getting more out of the platform within our companies.

The idea is still in the early stages however I’ve reached out to some people at Anaplan and they’ve kindly offered to help facilitate by providing the Anaplan expertise, space for the sessions along with food and drinks. (I am aware we have the User group coming up on 27th November however it’s not a regular thing and it’s during work hours so can be difficult to attend).

So that’s the idea – now it would be helpful to hear your views – including:

  • Would you be able/willing to attend an informal evening forum?
  • Would you find this type of format/content helpful?
  • What else would you want to include in the agenda?

Please post any constructive ideas, suggestions or opinions here.

PS: Just to be clear I don’t work for Anaplan and this forum wouldn't be about promoting it - the aim here is to have a group run by modellers for the benefit of modellers! 🙂 


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This is a great idea! 

I would love to participate and help run the sessions too!

It would be really helpful for us to share and learn from each other.

A good format would be to cover a key functionality of Anaplan at each session and look at use cases for that specific funtionality. For example looking at how to use time and filtering with time (common problem for some modellers) or another one could be around different forecasting methods and the best way to approach them. Alternatively we could have like a group 'surgery' where people share their problems in their models and together we solve them. 


I hope this helps and if you want to discuss anything else please do let me know. 






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Great idea - we would be happy to participate and invite clients! Well done on the initiative.
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HI Yugnesh,


I love this idea!


I will bring this up at the London User Group on Tuesday and see who is interested. Anaplan will be happy to host this at our office and we can privide food and drinks to keep everyone energised. 


I like the idea of a surgery or specific topics but ultimately we can cover whatever the community wants - we may even have access to product if need them. I suggest we put ideas in here and then someone can colate them and create an informal agenda. From there we can make sure we have the right people attend. 


Sound like a plan?



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Thanks Laurence that would be great - also there’s been some really positive feedback so far on the message board!

The plan is to give it a few days to receive more ideas/opinions and then we can start co-ordinating with people who’ve expressed an interest on the details (e.g. Agenda, Dates, Linkedin group).

I’m happy to drive things from the Modellers side – collating ideas etc - and then link in with yourself on what we need from the Anaplan end.

Does that work for you?

(PS: I may be driving this but everyone’s opinions/ideas are welcome)

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Great idea and would definately attend.


I think this is a great idea and I'd be happy to support it.  I'm not based in London but do travel there regularly and would try to ensure my trips coincide with an event. 

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Thanks Joanne - great to have your support!

I will be attending the Anaplan London User Group briefly today so will follow up with the Anaplan guys and post on here with an update soon.

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Great idea which Laurence mentioned yesterday at the user group.

Definitely interested !


I think this is a great idea, but not being London based my attendance may be dependent on the date and if I happened to be in London for a meeting during the day, or if it was a good subject worth me travelling in from Essex after work. Certainly some of the networking and talking about localised issues yesterday and how others have probably solved problems we all encounter this would be a great forum.