I need some assistance. I have created a dashboard in the NUX with 2 separate modules.

I've created a Product Type Selector (Product Type A, B ...All Product Types) which then filters on the module below for the user. This works fine.

Separately, I have a table that summarises the performance of each of the product types (so product type list on the left, performance across the top). How do I get this table to also link to my selector? so when a user selects Product Type A, this separate table is also filtered?  I've tried repivoting the table but it just creates a selector at the top of the page, which isn't necessarily the same as the user selector? Is there a item(list) formula that will solve this?





  • Misbah



    For Synchronization to work you need to have parent level in the selector. There won't be synchronization if you have Products in the context selector and Products as a dimension in the grid modules. If your synchronization is already enabled on the cards then you can have Parent of Products in the Context Selectors Products as a dimension in the module which can then be synchronized.


    Alternatively you can achieve this by Filters.