New UX Grid card Multiple Dimension Sizing in rows



I have a grid to publish in New UX page where it requires 2 lists in rows. I am unable to resize the width for each list individually in the grid card.  In my case, List 1 in rows have smaller names and List 2 in rows have larger name which requires sizing but with less extra white space.

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  • Ingilavicus
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    Hi @Akhilesh9025 ,


    Currently you can't adjust the width of nested dimensions in the NUX. IF you slide they just keep a 50/50 split. 


    The only workaround is to publish a saved view. Manage the widths in the saved view and when publishing to a page in NUX the width will be inherited. 


    The drawback is that you lose some formatting options of the custom view of NUX and it might take a few tries to get the width right as it changes ever so slightly from what you see in module view and how it turns up in NUX.