Embarking on Level 3


Hi I have a question on best practices on embarking on Level 3 Model Building.

Understand the pre-reqs are as follows:

  • Level 1 Model Building and Level 2 Model Building course completion
  • A minimum of 9-12 months of Anaplan project experience
  • Proficiency in the use of Anaplan functions in formulas (e.g. SUM, LOOKUP, etc.)
  • Experience troubleshooting Anaplan data import errors and formula syntax errors
  • Self-initiative to search available resources to solve problems

Is the requirement of "minimum of 9-12 months of Anaplan project experience" a hard requirement or is it possible to get started earlier?

In my case I just completed Level 2 and received my Certified Model Builder certification but have been encouraged to embark on Level 3 soon.

I am expecting to be embarking on some project work in the near future working alongside a Solution Architect and that should provide me real world exposure.

Meanwhile how feasible is it to get started on L3?

Grateful for any feedback, views and advice.

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  • Many thanks Jared, thanks so much for your guidance!

    Kind regards,