Level 3 query


Hi Friends,


I am not able to understand the exact requirement of the question.

What is the total sales target for the medium sales account in Canada?


  • @Sravan_Kumar !!

    The question is asking you to SUM the accounts based on Small, Medium, and Large and by Country.


  • Thanks Jared for the kind help.

    Is this a dummy data, as my values are a bit lesser.




  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    It may have changed but when you go to the next section the course should give you a grid to check your values. Make sure the numbers match exactly.

  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    Actually, now that i think about it, you can to add a line item to TAR03 to do a check at the country level.

  • Thanks @JaredDolich 



    You will be provided a data file to check your model in the Check Your Build section for User Story 2.5. 

    The file is missing for me. Can you please let me know, where can I check it?


  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    I think you might be referring to the CYW Scenario Territory to Accounts.csv? You will see that in chapter 4.4.