Level 2 Sprint 1 DAT03 Historic Volumes error


I imported data into my DAT03 and it populated all of the categories, but when I compared it to the screen shot I realized I have data in my Jan19 column and it's not in the Anaplan example.  How do I get the data out of that row? 

I reviewed the previous steps about setting up the time range and it looks like what they suggested. 


Anaplan Example:









  • @LStinsa 

    You're in luck! This one can be handled rather easily.

    In your SYS01, add a line item called Weeks Only? SYS01 should be dimensioned by time and set to the week level. Set the formula to TRUE.

    Use this line item in your saved view filter!


  • @JaredDolich 

    Thank you!  Can I also do it by changing the summary method in module?  I changed the summary to none and it took out the column but will this cause me other issues?

  • @LStinsa 

    Almost always in a data hub you'll set your summaries to NONE because the data hub is not used for planning. You'll create saved views at the grain of your TARGET module and use them to import the data. Some exceptions are if you need lookup values or need an aggregate value for a filter. 

    • If you're referring to SYS01, then the Week Only? line item should be a BOOLEAN format with a summary set to NONE. Formula = TRUE.
    • If you're referring to DAT03, then your filter should be looking for values greater than 0 anywhere.



  • @JaredDolich 

    Thank you for the clarification.