Level 3 Models - Time Settings - Should we consider the year as 2021 or 2020?




I started doing my L3 certification in 2021 and found that some of the data files provided in the training course had 2021 data while the Check your build sections had snapshots of 2020 model data. So I am confused about the time settings we need to use to build our models, should it be 2021 or 2020? 


I have completed the entire course already setting the year as 2021, but thought I should clarify this before I attempt the final exam. Would be great if someone who took the L3 exam in 2021 could clarify on this!




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  • patralika25
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    @JaredDolich Thanks a lot for your response!


    I just cleared my L3 certification exams. To be on the safer side, I created another model setting timescale as 2020 and populated it with the appropriate data from the Data Hub and that helped! 🙂