Level 2 Sprint 1 DAT03 cells blank


I am at the end of Level 2 Sprint 1.  I am going through the checklist to make sure everything was completed.  When I got to DAT03 I noticed there is no data in any of the cells. When I did the first import, there was data there. So, I reimported the data from Historic Volumes and it said the import was successful, but I still don't see any data. Does anyone have any suggestions about why this happened?






  • You will need to turn on the line item summary for Volumes to see the data in this pivot.

  • Hi @LStinsa 

    1. Post running the action, if you see that "X" of cells have been updated:-

        You are trying to look at the data w.r.t Year, but the summary for volume lineitem might be set to NONE. In order to view the data at Year, set the summary to SUM.


    2. Post running the action, if you don't see that "X" no. of cells being updated:-

        Check the Import action, edit it.

       Check the mapping for "volume" line item, it seems that it is unmapped.

       Map it and run the action again.


    Else share screenshot of the action, to help you further.



  • Thank you!  I changed the view and it's all there.  

  • @abhi1017 


    For Sprint 1, I thought the Summary should be none.  I also have Time:None.  Is that not correct?


  • @LStinsa 

    That is correct summary should be NONE for time and for the list. In the data hub we rarely use summaries because we generally don't plan in the data hub. 

    Great callout! And, good use use best practices.

  • @JaredDolich 

    Thank you!

  • @LStinsa 


    As @JaredDolich  mentioned, In data hub we rarely use summaries other than NONE as purpose of data hub (Source of truth) is to send the right/sanitized data to the spokes for planning.



  • @abhi1017 

    Thank you!