NUX Issue - Scrolling in Grid Locks



Occasionally when scrolling within a grid, when I click on a horizontal or vertical scrollbar within a grid and drag it up/down or left/right to view the grid, when I let go of my mouse the scrolling continues (when moving the mouse) until I click on a cell somewhere.  

Multiple individuals within my organization have expressed light annoyance at this bug.  Is this something others are experiencing - and do we know if there is a solution?



  • @KevinMcQuillen 

    Yep. I have the same problem. Sometimes after you use the scroll bar you have to click in the grid somewhere to get it to stop, but the trick is to click in the grid without making the scroll bar move. Very troubling problem. Make sure you send a ticket to Copy the link to this conversation. If you want, I can screencast an example. Would really like to see that fixed!

  • @KevinMcQuillen 


    I don't think this problem can be specifically said only to NUX. I have experienced this problem occasionally in other applications too like MS Word, Excel, Edge browser, chrome browser, etc.. 


    This could happen because of various reasons like many tabs are open and are loading something, or number of applications are kept open and not exited. 


    Here is a link which Microsoft has put which could give you some description about this problem :

    The scroll bar continues to scroll after you release the mouse button (