L1 MB Lesson 8.2.3 - Add Margin Calculation Module


I didn't setup the dimensions correctly. So I use Pivot to re-arrange the items between row, column and pages.

Below are the corrections I did via Pivot.


Corrected module layout



When I close out of REV03 module and re-open again, the corrected layout is not saved.

The module layout reverts back to the old version which is incorrect. See below.

Old layout



I retry again via Pivot and the corrected layout are not saving when I close the module.

Have I missed a step? Please help!


Thank you 😊



  • Hi @Candy!

    After PIVOT you need save changes in default view.

    You need selected View - Save - Save as default view. After this if you re-open module you must see new view.

    Снимок экрана 2021-03-10 в 13.06.41.pngСнимок экрана 2021-03-10 в 13.06.49.png

  • Thank you Anton!