Get code nex to list item in module dimensioned by time




I have the following module:

Lists: E1 Employee

Time: Month

Versions: -

Line Item: Salary


I need a pivot with the employees as rows and month by column. All fine uptil now. But then I would like the employee code to show up next to the employee list item name. What would be the best way to go about that? If I add another line item "Code" then I don't get the result I'm after... and I don't wanna have to create a new list replicating employee code and adding that dimension as that would **** up the module.


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  • JaredDolich
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    I can't think of a way to achieve that cleanly. The only pure way I can think of is that you concatenate the code and name as the list item. A slightly less intuitive way would be to add another grid from you employee system module that after you click on an employee that has your time dimension in it, the grid synchronizes the details of that employee and shows you the code. Sorry, not the answer you were probably hoping for. 


  • Hi @johan.marketoft 

    Are u looking to achieve something like this?




    Such case, your list E1Employee can have "Emp Code - Emp Name" concatenated and you can keep the dimensions as it is in the module.

    Result would be like:

    1 - A     
    2 - B     
    3 - C     

    I don't know if the response met your expectation..