Duplicate line items while importing


I am trying to Import data from a .csv file into an Anaplan module. The line items in the .csv file and in the module are distinct. The module uses a list subset. These line items are in the first column.


When I try to Import there are 2 line items that are repeating when I go into the third tab to map individual line items. Any idea why will 2 line items repeat when I am trying to map? Is this a bug in Anaplan?


  • Hi @gautamgurwara !
    Can you attach a screenshot of the import?
    I can assume that instead of importing into the module, an import is accidentally done into the blueprint of the module. In this case, instead of loading data, you create new line items.

  • @gautamgurwara , sharing module & file screen print will help here but in the mean time pls do cross check line items name and List properties name..

  • I am importing into the Module only and NOT in the blueprint view.