Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


Hi All,

I am not able to understand actually what exactly needs to be done. I am trying to run the action 9.1 but I am getting an error


Below is the screen shot of what I need to do






  • I tried running the process 9 


    Its giving me this error





  • I got the problem fixed as I did the source mapping again. and it worked.
  • @ankitaga2000 


  • PetyoH

    I have the same issue. Please advise how to fix it. Is there a ready solution for this? 

    Thank you!

  • Hi. Can you elaborate a bit on what you exactly did to solve the above problem? 

  • ds82

    Hi, I'll try to give you a hint. Read carefully the error message. The solution is somewhere in the 3rd tab of the Actions section.

    A pre-requisite is to correctly specify the souce model so the spoke model will be able to pull the data from the data hub.

    Have a great day.

  • I'm having an adjacent issue; I cannot switch my source:

  • Could you please elaborate the process

  • How did u fixed? 


    I am facing same issue



  • In Actions tab----go to Import Data sources---Select the Hub_DAT03 Historic Volume Export----and click the edit and select the L2 Data Hub Start in (Model) and select the target saved view DAT03 Historic Volume Export and click Select (it will be updated)- Then go to actions tab and select 9 Import Data from Hub in Processes then click on Run.

    Do the same with (DAT01 and DAT02).


    Your issue will be resolved...if not plz send the screenshot

  • dbew

    I have made the suggested changes to the sources and I still get the error (I have a separate thread this week under dbew where they referred me to this site).  I attached the latest screenshots for reference.

  • nicolec

    Hi dbew, how were you able to solve the issue? I am running into the same issue and my model matches your screenshots. 

  • Hello I am facing the same issues


  • Got it right, 

    Followed your steps and could get the import right, but did not understand the logic behindL2 - S2 -