Create Line Chart Saved View


Hi , I am very confused on Level 2 Sprint 2 module.


Here in the above screenshot we are just creating the formula for Growth Rate%  , rest everything remains zero.

But then next steps we are asked to create saved views based on Baseline forecast and Initial demand forecast. (Global Assumptions Grid UX)




Am I missing something ?

The Line chart view is also based on this



Please help







  • I didn’t understand the formula so well. I will try again .

    also what about default forecast and initial demand forecast formulas. 
    I got the formula for growth rate .

  • Thanks a lot for helping me out . But one big question which activity it is telling us to create these formulas. Only growth rate formula was told . 

  • @ankitaga2000 

    No worries. You'll be building that soon - you've got a head start. You got this!

  • Thank you
  • Hi

    I am struggling to find out the formulas for 

    • Final Forecast
    • Forecast CF

    Please help me to find out