Preparation for Level 2 Sprint 1 exam


Hello friends,


Would you advise how can I prepare for Sprint 1 exam? What am I expected? I done the course without much difficulty. It's just before I attempt, what topics should I keep in mind? Just making sure I revise right topics.


  • @Gagandeep 

    Great question. You can review your notes from the videos and coursework. Make sure you followed all the instructions and that your model matches the examples they've given you. If you felt like you understood the material you'll be fine! You'll be asked 10 questions and you'll get 2 attempts to answer each one. You only need to get 8 out o 10 correct. The test is open book and there is no time limit. You've got this!

  • @JaredDolich hello I am preparing for the Spring 1 exam. When you say it's, "open book", are you saying it's encouraged that we utilize Anapedia, our notes, and other resources?