Error while using cod function in module


Getting error in sys02 region details module while using function Code i have attached error screen shot .please help me out on this 



  • @Vam1992 

    Your syntax is correct, so try these two things.

    1. Make sure your line item is formatted as a LIST and for G1 Region.
    2. Make sure you spelled the G1 Region exactly the same way you spelled it. See General Lists. In fact, if you're in edit mode, you can just click on the list and Anaplan will add the words for you.
  • I have checked even with region as list and i have used correct list in module .still the issue is there 

  • @Vam1992 

    Ok, we'll get you to the finish line. Can you screen capture your blueprint of SYS02? Let's take a look. 

  • Please find the blue print of that module 

  • @Vam1992 

    Oh! You are SO close!

    Look how your G1 Region is spelled, there's no space between "G1" and "Region", It looks like G1Region.

    So, you can do 1 of 2 things. 

    1. Change the List to read "G1 Region" and your formula will work: CODE(ITEM('G1 Region'))
    2. Change the Formula to CODE(ITEM('G1Region'))

    You're almost there!!

  • Tq soo much worked 

  • @Vam1992 

    Did you try and write the formula out in full?

    If so, then spelling errors will result in these issues. 

    To avoid this happing again select the line item, list item or list name directly when you have an active formula window open. The developing formula will populate automatically.  

    This is possible for all references other that line item subsets which you will need to write out manually. 


  • Hi chris thanks for your reply .issue is resolved