4.8.2 Activity: Import Data into E2 Employees# List


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Has anyone completed exercise # 4.8.2 Activity: Import Data into E2 Employees# List? I am not able to procced with this, can anyone j


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  • Thanks so much... it works for me...

  • Explained so well, eloquently and succinctly @JaredDolich!

  • This was really helpful. 

  • @JaredDolich

    what do you mean anaplan will assign a number to it? It seemed like that's what we did when we used the code (column 2)

  • @anniecommune

    Hey! Great question, my answer was a bit ambiguous. Let me 'splain.

    Every list has two unique identifiers. A name and a code. Both are TEXT formatted. When we create a numbered list we allow Anaplan to fill in the name identifier for us, in this case it's number-looking even though it's really text. So the first three list items would be given #1, #2, #3, respectively for their names. When we use a numbered list, you cannot use a column in the input file that refers to the name because Anaplan has already put a value in there. So, we have to use code instead.

    In this example, with employees, we cannot use the employee name because Anaplan has no unique record that refers to the employees name. We have #1 and a code, presumably their employee ID. So when we import data, we must import using the code not the name.

    Hope that helps!