Anaplan throws an error while trying to hide more than 1000+ month line items


Hi Anaplanners,


My existing view consists of 4 line items with 3 line items showing only All periods and 1 line item showing months and years from 2010 till 2035. I need to add a new line item to this view which should show only All periods similar to remaining 3 line items, but when i am trying to hide months and years it is throwing below error 'Too many listed items in selection definition, maximum 1000'.



Please help on how to approach on this.


  • Misbah



    If you really have to do that, try hiding in halves. Select first 20 years then hide and then again do it for rest 5 years. Idea is to bring the selected items below 1000 in one click.

  • @Mohammad 

    I'm not familiar with this error but someone else on the community started getting a similar error. The issue, as it turns out, was related to using Safari as the browser. You might try using Edge or Chrome to see if you have a similar experience. Sorry, that's the only suggest I have. Adding pros @DaanishSoomar @MarkWarren @Misbah 

  • Hi @Mohammad@JaredDolich@Misbah


    Another approach to this would be to create boolean filters for the items you are seeking to hide based on the dimension. Perhaps in a System module dimensionalized by the dimension you want to filter. You can create logic driven rules for filtering as perhaps you may want to reuse your show/hide logic. Filter based views are generally better than show/hide as you have more control, auditability, and reusability. 


    Here is a good article/resource on filters. With a dataset perhaps as large as yours, creating filters would be the best way forward from a performance and experience standpoint. 


    I know that may have been a generalized explanation, feel free to ask questions if you need further clarification. 


    With regards to the error message, this might be related to the size of the dataset. As @JaredDolich suggested, perhaps try another browser to see if it's a browser related issue. Though I suspect in this case it may be more data related.

  • @DaanishSoomar 

    Love that idea!! Yes!

  • Just saw your reply above @JaredDolich, I think we both repliied at the same time 🙂 


    Edited my response based on yours 🙂