Snapshotting Import Problem - Unknown Numbers Being Imported




An import I have is importing "mysterious", untraceable numbers into fields. I have a module with dimensions of time (month), B3 Sales Org, P2 Material. The line item I want to snapshot is "Sales History(Units) - LAG", with formula: LAG('Sales History(Units)', 12, 0)


Sales History(Units) has no formula; its a line item that gets imported into. In a nutshell here is the process:


Jan 19 has "Sales History(Units)" value of 100

Jan 20 has "Sales History(Units) - LAG" value of 100 (pulling up the Jan 19 value)

Jan 20 "Sales History(Units) - LAG" gets imported into "Sales History(Units)", giving it a value of 100. 


The idea is to pull data values forward a year and resnapshot. In the attached screenshot you can see values (highlighted):


Jan 19 has "Sales History(Units)" of 13,635  

Jan 20 has "Sales History(Units) - LAG" of 13,635 

Jan 20 has "Sales History(Units)" of 56,111


When we run the associated action we would expect the Jan 20 values to be the same, but they are not. Attached is the import view as well; "Sales History(Units) - LAG" is mapped to "Sales History(Units)".


Any help would be appreciated. The value of 56,111 isn't to be found anywhere else in the module!



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  • RobinSilk
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    Thanks for being willing to help; I actually solved it by doing two things (though I'm not sure which was the real solution):


    Taking the pages and putting them into the columns

    Hiding all parent levels (right click -> "Select levels to Show")


    Now it seems to be fine.


  • @RobinSilk 

    This is a great use case and a mystery! My initial hunch would be that it's adding up values from Sales Org or Materials. As you may already know, Imports will "add" if not all the dimensions are accounted for in the mapping.  Since the 56,111 is not a number anywhere, it might be aggregating somehow.

    Can you share the import mapping? Maybe we can find a clue there.