Level 2 Sprint 1 Volumes and Has Data? Query


Hi Everybody,


For some reason, in my Has Data? Query, I get this with the right formula, with everything true?


To get my volume upload to work, I had to change both the module and the volume line to "week" from model calendar - is this the issue? Not sure what else to show, the figures look as per the following models, so not sure how I have set this up wrong...






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  • JaredDolich
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    Aha! I see the issue. Change the P3 SKU to SKU Flat. You should only use flat lists in the data hub.

    You got this!!



    Yeah, you're super close. The DAT03 module should use a time range FY19. Your model Calendar should be FY20. I suspect that's the issue. You wouldn't be able to load the data into DAT03 using the model calendar unless you set it to FY19 so you'll need to change that back to FY20. Create a time range that spans FY19. Use that on SYS13.

  • Agreed with @JaredDolich - keeping track of your time, model calendar, and time periods will help you out.


    You are very close!

  • Forgive me both, but this is my setting and not sure when you talk about resetting the calendar




    When I the model calendar set, it wouldn't upload the data. Setting both the module AND the line item at 'week' time scale AND 'FY19' time range helped with the volume upload, but then had the above screenshot


  • Good catch @JaredDolich!