7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module


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In the Level 1 Model Builder activity  7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module , do we have to manually map mappings for E2 Employees between source and target items ? Is there any way for the mappings of E2 Employees ?


Please help as it is very lengthy process to do the manual mappings for 111 emp.


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  • @abhinandan , we don't need to map them manually.  You can use employee code instead of name.

  • Hi Thanks for the reply. 


    I tried with code also, but even with code , mappings for E2 are not getting mapped automatically. PFA screenshot for the same.


    It will accept and work as per the image attached for employees ?

  • Misbah



    Since Employees is a numbered list it has to be mapped to Code as suggested by @andre.lie . However codes need to be exactly matching between the Source and Target. See if this helps



    Check if you have codes matching between Data Hub and Spoke Model, it can "001"  or Just "1" but it has to be same and matching at both these places


  • Hi Misbah,


    Thanks for your inputs.

    However I am not able to map all the 2 digit numbers for employees (code 1 to code 99), from 100 onwards its getting mapped automatically. So for 99 employees its getting failed and for rest 12 emp data is getting loaded.


    How to map codes for first 99 employees ?


    PFA Emp mapping , Line items mapping, Error and Output of model. Kindly help !

  • Yes @JaredDolich mentioned,


    Having consistent code syntax will help your data flow through. You are indeed very close! 

  • Sumair

    This solved my issue ..thanks!