Level 2 Sprint 2 DEM03


I am in the process of adding DCA's to DEM03 and I was checking my work against the example and my % growth rate is too high.  It's at 14%.  I checked the formula and it looks correct to me.  I also checked my DEM02 model and it has the correct growth percentage rates in it.  Does anyone have any suggestions about where else I could look to correct this?






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  • JaredDolich
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    It's there. Just use your selector to go down to a sku level. With the summary off, you will not see any numbers at the aggregate levels.

    Nice job!!


  • @LStinsa 

    Check the summary of that percentage. I suspect you have it as SUM. I think for this you can remove the summary.

    Then drill down to a SKU and you'll see the right percentages. 

    To get the percentage to aggregate correctly you'll have to create a weighted average which I think is out of scope for this course.

  • @JaredDolich 


    You are correct.  It should just pick up the number and not sum anything or average it.  When I drill down it looks like it is summing everything across all the SKU's.  How do you know if you should set things to none?  And do you set set the summary to none and the time summary to none?  






  • @LStinsa 

    Yes, set both to none. But  you can just leave the time summary as the "same as lists". Percentages, Rates, and Ratios are always subject to this kind of issue so you have to ask yourself if you need to see the value at an aggregation. If you do, then you have to set up a method to recalculate it at that level. It's a little advanced for this course, especially since you're using a SUM and/or LOOKUP function. To aggregate you would have to create the separate line items that make up the percentage. One for the numerator, and one for the denominator. Then you would create the formula for the line item but change the summary to "formula" or "ratio". 

    Good news is for this exercise you only need the percentage at the lowest level, so "None" is fine.

  • I changed the summary but all of my data disappeared.  






  • @JaredDolich 


    It was for the first SKU but it's not there for all of them.




  • @LStinsa 

    It's a little tricky. The Bay Water Taffy is the Product, drill down to the SKU and you should see it.

    Another way, which might be easier is to pivot your grid so the product is in the rows and the line items are columns. You should see all the SKUs have a percentage.

    Give it one more try, you got this!

  • Got it!  Thank you for your help.



  • @LStinsa Leah!

    You rock! That's awesome.