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I am having trouble with the default time dimension across my dashboard being synced up. I know Anaplan says a best practice is to select your page selectors at the top of the page no matter what so you know everything is synced, but realistically some aren't going to do this no matter how many times you tell them. Then they are confused when numbers don't match up.

Grids can default to the same time if you use a saved view and publish to a dashboard using that saved view. KPI cards don't seem to work that way though. In my experience they default to whatever the current period is no matter what.

I am wondering if anyone has a solution to this.





  • Misbah



    It depends what is there as a KPI in your KPI Card . Can you please shed more light on this and if possible with a screenshot, that will help us in understanding your query better

  • cpalm2

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    My dashboard updates to Mar 21, the current period. It does this because the KPI cards are defaulting to Mar 21.


    This is the KPI card.


    I have the grids on this dashboard defaulting to FY21 which is what I would like everything to default to.


    The KPI cards come from the same module as the grid on the dashboard so they have the same time scale



  • Create a saved view where you filter the grid for the current FY.

    Use a time settings module for years to set up the filter


  • cpalm2

    We still want them to be able to toggle to other time periods. Wouldn't that mean you can't go to those other time periods?

  • Yes, you are correct. 

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of a process to set a default time period. 

    If you are unable to find a solution how about showing the data at both the FY level as a summary on the first card followed by a second card showing the individual months.

    Therefore, you could show all the years in a summary with a second synchronised card breaking the data out by months. 

    Use the concept of progressive disclosure which is best practice when building out the UX.

    Good luck,


  • "Unfortunately, I am not aware of a process to set a default time period."


    Is this not something worth looking into?