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I have a calculation module that has 6 dimensions as well as by month. This one is then referenced by a reporting module without time (instead a list for MTD, QTD, YTD).


The problem is that in order to get the numbers in for QTD and YTD I need to do a TIMESUM in the Reporting module, and since it doesn't allow SUMS/LOOKUPS within it I have resorted to subsidiary views in the Calculation module. This greatly increases the Calculation module. Is there a good way around this? The only reason I am doing those subsidiary views is because of that TIMESUM, not used otherwise.


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  • rob_marshall



    Instead of using TimeSum() with Time in the Applies, which is not good for performance reasons, think about using the functions MonthToDate, QuarterToDate, and YearToDate.


    Link to MonthToDate()


    Then, you can reference these in the reporting module.


    Does that help?




  • @rob_marshall 

    this is why I never miss one of your responses Rob. I couldn't think of another way except TIMESUM. But, the period to date functions are brilliant and easier on the calculation engine. Lesson learned.