First Virtual Group Event for Indian Modelers


Hello Anaplanners in India,


Glad to share that we are going to have our first Group event on 7th April 2021 10:00AM IST. Register for the event here


Group Event on 7th April 2021 10:00AM IST




  • @Misbah 

    Should be a great event! Hopefully it will be recorded!

  • Misbah


    If Bevy allows me to record it, I will surely do it or do you think I need to get Hannah Involved here.

  • @Misbah Yeah you will see the Record Button on the bottom of the Bevy Console after you start the session. However, you will need to work with @HannahT and the support team to convert your recording to YouTube. There's a service Anaplan has but you have to be an employee. There's a 71MB limit to add to your group forum - a one hour recording is close to 250MB.