Error on AnaplanConnect (Linux)




I'm working on the Linux script of AnaplanConnect.

It looks that my program stops at the last line of


Here is


This is the log when I execute the shell file



I guess the below part (line 93) of is the problem because the "echo" on line 90 worked.

Does anyone know what this part does, and what is the problem?

#Start the Java virtual machine
exec "${_java}" ${JAVA_OPTS} -classpath "${classpath}" com.anaplan.client.Program "$@"


content of each variable

$_java = /app/oracle/jdk/bin/java

$JAVA_OPTS = empty

$classpath = ./anaplan-connect-1.4.4-jar-with-dependencies.jar:./lib/ 

$@ = -certificate -privatekey private_key_pkcs8.pem:***pass*** -service -auth -via -workspace 8a81b00f772d34ee01773a26645f7fb4 -model 2C2B4F46E7B3400CB0321CB3B0EEC2B2 -file GD0003S1_BF01.csv -chunksize 1 -put /MMSR/share/mnt/ZC00_APRC_D01/BF01/Anaplan-connect/IFdata/GD0003S1_BF01.csv -process Process01_IF_shipping_plan -execute -service -auth -via -workspace 8a81b00e6e9a51e7016ec65ecf7d2a43 -model 0FF72CA60513449D8D70D425BAD21B96 -process IF01_shipping_plan -execute


Thank you for your help

Ayumi Saito

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  • ben_speight
    Answer ✓

    1. The "-certificate" command line option must be followed by the path to the public certificate - this is the reason you get the usage summary.
    2. If you modify the script such that there are commands following the final "exec" command, remove the "exec" word as that will cause the shell script to finish there and then.
    3. If you are performing multiple operations against the same service/workspace with the same credentials and via the same proxy you need only provide these once on your command line.