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I have a list product list P4 and a filter is applied on it i.e at P4 level only few items should be shown based on selection.

Break back is enabled on all levels.

In P4 5 items are there only 2 items  belongs to category 1 and 3 items to category 2. Our requirement is that If user select Category 1 and enter data at P3 data should split only for 2 items  & if Category 2 is selected data at P3 data should split only for 3 items.


P3 Data entered -10000               P3 Data entered -10000 

category 1 - selected                    category 2 - selected 

ITEM 1- 3333.33                            ITEM 2- 5000

ITEM 3- 3333.33                            ITEM 5- 5000

ITEM 4- 3333.33


Need a workaround on this when break back is applied.



Sri Nitya



  • Misbah



    Instead of using Native Breakback  use Top down approach and try to cascade the values down by Using LOOKUP function from Parent to Child.


    1. Create a module dimensioned by Categories and Insert two line items.

             X Line item -  Formula should be = Module 2. Count

             Y Line item - Input the numbers against Categories

    2. Create another module dimensioned by Products and insert two line items

             Count = 1

             Value = Y Line item[LOOKUP: SYS Product Module.Categories]/X Line item[LOOKUP: SYS Product Module. Categories]



  • @Misbah 



    Thanks for your reply


    But user will enter data at Product levels P1 to P4. Categories selection is applied as filter to the Products.We have mapping of Categories to Products and Input is done at Product level only.



    Sri Nitya

  • Misbah



    Ah I see, so category is just an attribute and is not part of the hierarchy. 


    Breakback works on totals of simple hierachies and if you enter certain amount on a Parent it will be distributed into all children (unless there are read only cells or held cells) no matter how many filters you apply. For Example if Product 3a and Product 3b has  Category 1 as an attribute and Product 3c is category 2. Now if you wish to cascade the numbers of Category 1 from Product 3a and Product 3b to Product 4 level children it has to come from their respective Parents which in our case is Product 3a and Products 3b.