How best to create a variance module from a revenue module with a version dimension

Hi I need some help on this.

I have created a revenue module with a version dimension for actual and forecast.

The variance is a simple calculation of difference between the two.

The issue I have is since the actual and forecast revenues are sitting in dimensions rather than line items, how does once calculate the difference?

Would have been easy if they are separate line items but in the absence of that what formula (if any) would enable me to reference the actual and forecast data so that I can calculate the variance / difference?

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Best Answer

  • Hi @ClarenceAndre,


    There is a specific functionality in order to cater to this, which is "Compare".

    You can find it in the menu as shown below:

    Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 1.12.03 PM.png

     Here is the link regarding its details:


    Alternatively, you could create another line item without version as a dimension, and calculate the difference (Example: Value[SELECT: VERSIONS.Actual] - Value[SELECT: VERSIONS.Forecast], depending on how you want to represent.


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