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How can we apply break back to the line item that is having filter, for example I have one list with list items 1,2,3,4. In a module I will use this list as a dimension and will apply filter which will show only 1,2. now if i enter a value on parent then it has to split between 1 and 2, but it  is happening like splitting between 1,2,3,4.


Please help with this.



  • Misbah



    I don't think Breakback works the way you want it to work . It will distribute the numbers to all children even if you have applied the filters or even if you have selective access/DCA applied to it. 

  • Hi @1636583,


    Kindly check this for more details.


    PFA the test module screenshot. You cannot control Breakback  based on Filters.




  • Hi @1636583 , @SathyaM , @Misbah ,


    You can use breakback and DCA to control which cells are used when distributing the value. Essentially mimicking the "hold" feature. This is a workaround for using brakback in NUX, where we can't select the cells which should hold their value when doing adjustments. You should just use the filter item as the DCA write input.




    But If I understand correctly, depending on the filter you would like the break back to split the total only in the available cells irrespective of the value of the other items, that it indeed can't do, because the sum of all the values have to equal to what you put in the total. The only workaround I can think of is always having a total of 0 before you input in your cells, but don't think it's practical. 



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    Thank you, it is helpfull.

  • @1636583 

    Perhaps it would be useful to introduce a hierarchy where each combination of filter views is determined to be the parent. 

    You could then use the parent item to filter the view and successfully apply breakback to the parent. 

    This will then successfully distribute the change to the correct items as it will only apply to the children of each summary view.